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Monday, March 1, 2010

Through God All things are Possible

On Saturday I thought a lot about the approaching Stake Conference. I was really concerned about it because my health problems often make it difficult for me to sit for long periods of time and disrupt my attentiveness and receptiveness. Last stake conference I had to leave in the middle of both sessions because my symptoms got out of my control and even when I was in the room, I absorbed almost nothing of what was said. I was not excited about a repeat of that experience. So I prayed a lot. I asked our Father to help me prepare for conference and be engaged while I was there. And just like Shayna talked about in her first post, He is up there just waiting for us to ask so he can give and we can receive. Yesterday was wonderful. I felt like the whole conference was over in the blink of an eye and I left each session feeling so uplifted and a little more whole. I hope each of you were also able to take home treasures of knowledge to help you on this mortal journey.

Yesterday I was thinking a lot about the destruction happening all over the globe. 7 young men from my ward last year are on their missions in Chile right now. So far, we have only heard news about one, who--thank God!--is okay. Sometimes I let myself forget how close to home all these things are. Our brothers and sisters are the ones enduring these tribulations. So let us join together and offer them the greatest aid that exists in the world--our prayers.

Through God, all things are possible!

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