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Friday, February 5, 2010

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

I feel like the Lord waits for us to ask Him for help. Hmm...that doesn't seem very profound now that I typed it out. Ha. but its true, when He says "Ask and ye shall receive" He means it. President Packer said, "No message appears in scripture more times, in more ways than, "ask, and ye shall receive". No other message! Hmm...you think its mentioned so much because He means it? :) The past two or three weeks He has been trying to get in contact with me almost constantly! Sometimes I think I am too busy to "pick up" or I didn't want to talk about it or I was just plain too lazy. Luckily He kept trying. And Luckily sometimes I am listening.

I was driving up to my friends house and I had anxiety...for no reason. I kept feeling like I didn't want to go and that I wanted to just stay home. I thought maybe I was going to have an accident or something because the feeling came so strongly. Finally I turned off the radio a few minutes into my drive and said a quick prayer to feel peace. Ha. Then it happened, the Lord's voice was clear - He wanted those few minutes when I was driving up there to talk to me. Oh, I felt so special. HE wanted to talk to ME. So we did. It was a nice little chat. I got out a couple things I wanted Him to know about (even though He already knew) and in the end I felt better. He also said some nice things to me, things I needed to hear.

Or one night a few days later I had a dream...it was actually a pretty good dream, about something I've been praying and thinking a lot about. Its one of those things where I am just not quite sure what to do and can't quite seem to be confident one way or the other. Ha, ever been through that?! Well, I woke up that morning and laid in bed thinking about the dream. I wrote it down (as if somehow that would open my eyes to understanding) but there was only one way to gain inspiration and I knew that.

So I prayed.

It was like the words were dictated to me. The Lord was streaming thoughts and ideas into my mind. The Prophet said it is revelation when "you feel pure intelligence flowing into you, it may give you sudden strokes of ideas." He wanted me to know what it all meant as much as I did! He wasn't keeping secrets or trying to make it harder than it was. He was trying to reveal mysteries to me! And He did. I took notes, probably an entire pages worth. It was amazing.

So Why don't we ask more often?


  1. I love this! I know that the Lord loves us so very much and just like we talk to our mom, sister, best friend, or boyfriend about anything, the Lord wants to know too! He is our Father in Heaven. Our loving caring Father. We can talk to him anytime. He loves us so much and is willing to listen to us no matter what we have to say. He is always there to answer our prayers.

  2. Amen, sisters! Now, while I love being here and attending BYU there is one thing that I hate about Provo: I feel like a numbered girl. I am one of (it seems like) millions. But to Heavenly Father I am one in a million. I love those moments when I can turn to Him and feel His love for me. I love feeling like He is listening to my prayers even when I can't quite understand what He is trying to tell me back. I need to have those moments more.

    Sometimes I feel that I don't have time for a long, drawn out chat with my Father in Heaven. But really, I can't afford not to. I hate feeling like a number. But I am not a number to Him. You are not a number to Him either.

    Ladies, feel the love!