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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Partial Faith....a Confession

A few days ago I was up early enough to see the sunrise. Its not that that never happens, but I guess not enough. I was able to see the darkness run and hide as the light penetrated the sky. It was incredible. I sat there just pondering on the beauty of the earth and the blessing of light. Both physically and spiritually. I love the light! My dad likes to say to me (usually if I am feeling discouraged) "Your future is bright!" 

But here's the thing....its called faith. No matter how much we learn and how much we grow and how strong our faith is...we still have those moments full of doubt and fear. About a week ago now I was saying my morning prayers. A few minutes later I was in the shower when I realized I wasn't done with my conversation with God. So I continued. Some trial or struggle I was going through fell from my lips and I was suddenly pleading with God for direction and help. I found myself telling Heavenly Father "I will do anything you want. Anything. I only want to do Thy will" and then in almost the same breath (and relating to the trial at hand) I added, "But please don't let it hurt me"

"Oh Sister Haag" He responded (yes, He DOES call me Sister Haag ;) "That is not real faith." And sisters, I think that is a problem. We have this thing, its called "partial faith". I really did intend to do whatever the Lord required but I was trying to do it without hurting. Sometimes the pain is required for the desired result. Partial faith is not sufficient. REAL and true faith takes everything you've got.
Lets give it everything we've got. After all President Monson Said; "The future is as bright as your FAITH" and sisters, get ready because it looks like the sunrise!

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